The big projectsthey achieve success thanks to great people

great projects achieve success thanks to great people

Unison is led by a team with unique skills and a shared passion for excellence and sustainability. Entrusted to three expert managers, each with extensive experience in the real estate sector, the company aims to become a leader in the sector through innovation, building redevelopment, energy efficiency and real estate investments.

Each member, a professional in their specific field, contributes to the creation of successful projects. The strength of our work lies in the unity of the team, where skills come together to achieve extraordinary results.


The Board of Directors, made up of specialized professionals from the real estate and construction sector, represents the strategic guidance of the company. The determination and competence of these leaders influence decisions crucial to business success. The professionalism of the Board of Directors is reflected in ensuring solid leadership and sustainable growth in the real estate market.

Lorenzo Di Martino
Finance Manager & Sustainability Expert
Architecture Design & Strategy
Project Manager & Analyst