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general principles


General principles

Purpose and function
Unison's "Code of Ethics" embodies the principles, values and behavioral norms adopted by the company. This document regulates the behavior of those who work in the organization, providing an ethical foundation for business activities and decisions.
The Code of Ethics extends to all those who act in the interests of Unison, including: Members, those responsible for strategic decisions and business management. Company Employees, i.e. staff employed directly by Unison. Those who, even in a non-continuous or non-exclusive way, contribute to the pursuit of the Company's objectives, such as suppliers, consultants, external collaborators or other parties involved in company activities.
contractual value
Unison's Code of Ethics serves as a guide, establishing behavioral standards and ethical expectations for all individuals involved in the company's mission and operations, regardless of their specific position or role.
loyalty, correctness
At Unison, loyalty, honesty and respect for the law are imperative for everyone, internally and externally, preserving the reputation and trust of customers and the market. Recipients must carry out tasks correctly, avoiding illicit purposes or conflicts of interest. The Company condemns any illegality and rejects any involvement with criminal organizations, national or international, as well as links to activities in support of crime, including terrorism, human trafficking, child labor or arms trafficking.
Quality of service
We focus on maximum customer satisfaction, offering competitive services with professionalism, innovation and high quality standards. We seek excellence in quality, safety, health and environmental protection. Every communication of our services is precise, complete and truthful, guaranteeing customers access to accurate information.
We believe that business success comes from collaboration, integrity and mutual respect.
goal of the collaboration
We collaborate openly and constructively, both internally and externally, to achieve company objectives and contribute positively to the community and surrounding environment.
respect and diversity
We recognize and respect the value of a diverse workforce, promoting an inclusive environment where every individual is treated with dignity and respect.
open and honest communication
We support open and honest communication, encouraging employees to share opinions and suggestions without fear of retaliation. We promote transparency in corporate communications.
Suppliers and business partners
In our relationships with suppliers and business partners, we seek relationships based on trust, honesty and integrity, respecting contractual agreements.
Social responsibility and the environment
We are committed to contributing positively to society and the environment by supporting social and environmental initiatives that reflect our values.
Dispute Resolution
We address disputes in a constructive manner and in accordance with the ethical principles enshrined in this Code, promoting dialogue and the fair and impartial resolution of disputes.
Relationship with customers
Our customers are at the center of everything we do. We are committed to meeting their needs with the highest quality and professionalism. We guarantee transparency and clarity by providing complete and accurate information on services, prices and contractual conditions. We respect their rights, privacy and confidentiality, protecting their personal data. We welcome feedback and improve services based on their opinions, handle reports of dissatisfaction responsibly and resolve disputes in a transparent, timely and fair manner to maintain the trust and satisfaction of our customers.